Share-A-Christmas Shopping Begins

Published on December 15, 2014 under News

On December 15, 2014, AGAPE opened our Share-A-Christmas shopping. Through the generosity of our donors, more than 200 local kids will receive Christmas gifts from AGAPE this year. This year, our families are able to come into our shopping area and select gifts for their children.

“It is so wonderful to see our parents have the opportunity to choose the gifts for their children this year,” said Betty Young, AGAPE Case Manager.

Families receive three gifts per child, games and crafts, books, a piece of clothing and stocking stuffers for their children. Additionally, each family is given wrapping paper, ribbon, bows and tape. Our shopping area is being managed by our wonderful volunteers, who are helping our families.  Share-A-Christmas shopping will continue throughout the week. The Christmas Spirit is alive and well at AGAPE this week!

The Share-A-Christmas shopping area.

The Share-A-Christmas shopping area.


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