Operation Orange Bag

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AGAPE is pleased to announce our newest program–Operation Orange Bag!

What is Operation Orange Bag? 

  • Operation Orange Bag is simple—it’s a program to help collect needed food and personal hygiene items in a way that’s quick and easy for donors.
  • Operation Orange Bag is valuable to AGAPE because it brings in food and personal hygiene items on a regular and predictable schedule.
  • AGAPE feeds more than 1,200 people each month and needs to raise more than 300,000 pounds of food each year.

 How Does it Work?
It is a very simple system, built around three main types of volunteers:

  • Neighborhood Captains agree to organize a small group of their neighbors, friends or co-workers to become Food Donors.
  • Food Donors are people who agree to give food every week and have their bags collected every two months.
  • Receiving Team Volunteers are people who come to AGAPE on the 4th Saturday of the month to help receive, weigh and process the orange bags as they are brought in by the NCs.


Operation Orange Bag

Join Operation Orange Bag today! You can sign up to be a Neighborhood Captain, Food Donor or Receiving Team member.