Bell Ringing Time is Here

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red-kettle-decolorizedBell Ringers Needed

Please join AGAPE as we gear up for the 2016 season of bell ringing! This effort depends on volunteers, so please give your time generously.  We are pleased to be partnering with Walmart in Warrenton and the Shell gas station in Wright City this year for the campaign.

Click here to sign up for bell ringing.

Why Does AGAPE do Bell Ringing?

AGAPE is the Salvation Army extension site for Warren County. This means that, because the Salvation Army does not have a Warren County office, we are their local partner and help conduct campaigns like bell ringing.

Where Does the Money Go? 

Out of every dollar that we raise in the red kettles, AGAPE keeps 85 cents to support local programs and services. In other words, 85% of the money stays right here in Warren County to help local residents.

Why are Volunteers So Important? 

The bell ringing campaign begins on November 25th and continues through December 24th. When we have shifts that don’t get covered, we don’t bring in money. Our goal is to have every shift covered this year, to ensure that we raise the maximum amount of money.

What is a Bell Ringing Captain? 

A Bell Ringing Captain is a group that commits to staffing one or more doors for an entire day. This is a great volunteer opportunity for all kinds of groups, including church groups, youth groups, civic groups, student groups and more. If your group is interested, you can sign up here or call the office and any AGAPE staff member will be happy to assist you.

Do I Have to Handle Money? 

No, bell ringers do not have to handle money. Your job as a bell ringer is to man the kettle, spread Christmas cheer and encourage donations. The money from the kettles will be picked up and handled by AGAPE board members and staff.

Can I Dress Up? 

Yes! We love it if you want to dress up, bring an instrument, sing, etc… The more fun you are having, the more attention you’ll attract and the more donations you will bring in. Go for it!


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