AGAPE Launches New Food Collection Program

Published on March 11, 2015 under Uncategorized

Operation Orange Bag Will Making Donating Food Easier than Ever

WARRENTON, MO., March 11, 2015 – AGAPE ( announced today the beginning of Operation Orange Bag – a new program designed to collect needed food and personal hygiene items in a way that is easy for donors and recurring for the organization.

Orange Bag--real

“Operation Orange Bag is a simple and fun way for residents of Warren County to get directly involved in the fight to end hunger in our community,”

said Executive Director Michelle Bernth. “Setting up a recurring donation program will ensure that essential food and hygiene items are available to those in need when they need them.”

Operation Orange Bag starts with donors keeping a reusable orange bag in their home or business and placing at least one non-perishable food item in the bag each week.  Neighborhood Captains recruit groups of neighbors, friends or co-workers to become food donors. Every other month, the Neighborhood Captains pick up the food from their food donors and leave them a new bag.

“With donations picked up directly from your home or business, donating to AGAPE is easier than ever.  Plus, having that orange bag nearby is a great daily reminder that there are families in our community in need,” Bernth said.

AGAPE is currently looking for volunteers to join the program as Neighborhood Captains, Food Donors and Receiving Team Volunteers. The Receiving Team helps process the orange bags at the food pantry in Warrenton on the 4th Saturday every even numbered month.  Anyone can sign up to be a part of Operation Orange Bag online or by calling 636-456-4645. Click here to sign up now!

The funds to launch this program came from the First State Community Bank Community KickStart grant that AGAPE received in the fall.


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