AGAPE General Guidelines

All clients must live in Warren County. Call for an appointment 456-4645 between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. Monday through Friday. All clients must have incomes that are at or below 125 percent of the federal poverty level. (See chart) Disabled is anyone who collects SSD, or anyone with an obvious disability who has applied for SSD and is in the waiting period. All clients will need to complete a case report, and provide ID for everyone in the household (photo for adults and SS card for all others), proof of residence (like an electric bill), proof of income (pay stubs, unemployment checks, SS award letters, etc.), and award letters from any other social services aid, like TA, NECAC, and food stamps. Financial assistance is generally a one-time thing.

We offer:

  • Food pantry Emergency rent assistance. Client needs to provide a letter from landlord stating that client pays X amount in rent at such and such an address, that he is X amount past due, and that landlord will accept X amount to put off an eviction.
  • Emergency utility assistance: electric, water or propane. We do not pay telephone bills. Utility bills must be in client’s name. We do not pay second party bills.
  • Prescription assistance. Life sustaining prescriptions only. We do not pay for lifestyle prescriptions, including vitamins, birth control, and Viagra. We also will not pay for narcotic pain killers for new clients. We will not pay for any drug with a high street value if the client has a criminal history of drug use.
  • Thrift shop. We can provide clothing, furniture and other household goods to clients setting up new households, or who need them for other reasons.

Ministerial Alliance

AGAJPE is the treasurer for the Warrenton Ministerial Alliance. The Ministerial Alliance provides fuel and meal vouchers to stranded travelers, and makes small grants on an ad hoc basis.

Inter-agency Referrals

AGAPE operates within an extended network of charitable, business, governmental and ecumenical organizations. Some of these resources are the state Family Services Division, North East Community Action Corporation, St. Vincent DePaul Society, Sts. Joachim & Anne Care Service, Catholic Charities, Warren County Handicapped Services, Warren County Senior Citizens Center, Turning Point (domestic violence shelter), Head Start/Youth In Need, Warren County Health Department, Bridgeway Counseling (substance abuse), Delta Center for Independent Living, Business Net Staffing, Job Corp, Missouri Work Connections, Warren County R-3 School District, Wright City R-2 School District, University of Missouri Extension Center, Warrenton Ministerial Alliance, Wright City Ministerial Alliance, St. Charles County Homeless Continuum, the Nonprofit Services Consortium, area daycare centers and many healthcare professionals, intervention agencies, community groups and local law enforcement. Human services agencies in Warrenton form a coalition called “Community Agencies In Partnership” which meets every month to discuss social issues within the community and share information.

In addition, may churches have their own charitable funding but no mechanism in place to screen applicants. We assist those churches with the screening process when asked.